This Old Blog

This Old Blog

I think I may have broken the ‘longest period of time between two blog posts’ record, at roughly two years. The few people who remember it will probably be asking themselves, ‘what the hell happened to it, anyway?’

Well, you may not be terribly surprised to learn that I took a job at Google, and have been incredibly busy in the intervening time, working on the Google Web Toolkit. Initially, I tried to keep up with the blog and related flood of random email, but it got to be a bit more than I had time to deal with, so I just decided to nuke it so I could concentrate. This worked, of course, but seemed to irritate a few people who saw a little value in some of the posts.

Now that I’ve got a little more time, I’ve decided to resurrect it. I kept copies of the old articles around, some of which I’ve re-posted. I apologize for the loss of the old comments – some of them were really helpful, but they’re really a pain to get back into Blogger (maybe I’ll find a way to do this easily sometime).

I do plan on covering largely the same subjects, and please feel free to email me with questions or subjects you’d like me to cover.

Note: I'm moving to G+ comments, but also want to preserve the old blog comments in read-only form. I just haven't gotten around to that last part yet, so they're temporarily unavailable.